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Understanding Your Bill

You will receive three (and perhaps four) separate bills:

     One from the surgeon

     One from NSC

     One (or perhaps two) from your anesthesia team.  


Governmental and insurance regulations require that each member of the team send you a separate bill and collect payment independently.   The reason you may receive two bills for anesthesia is that in some cases an anesthesiologist and a CRNA  care for you; other times, just an anesthesiologist.  The amount that you pay for anesthesia care is the same regardless of whether you receive one or two bills.  


NSC estimates and collects any co-payments or unmet deductibles on the day of surgery.  It is your responsibility to insure any needed authorization or pre-certification for surgery is completed prior to surgery.  We encourage you to contact your surgeon, anesthesia providers  or your insurance company if you have any questions.  


Deductables and co-payments may be paid through the links located on this screen.


We hope this information helps assist you in planning for your visit to the surgery center.  It is our goal to reduce any stress in the discussion of financial matters.


Patient Information

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